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Neurofeedback to Improve Parkinson's Handwriting

Handwriting before Neurofeedback session Handwriting after 30 minutes Neurofeedback

Has your handwriting gotten smaller or is your arm starting to feel stiff after writing several sentences?

When your handwriting starts to shrink and your arm fatigues your brain is giving a warning about changes happening on the surface and deep inside your brain. Neurofeedback can target the brain areas that contribute to small handwriting called micrographia so you return to writing clearly with confidence.

Several studies observed that, similar to beginner writers, the handwriting of Parkinson's patients is characterized by lack of fluency, slowness, abrupt changes of direction, and micrographia. PD patients have reduced capability in coordinating speed and amplitude of movements and controlling force production and coordinating fingers and wrist movements.

The brain circuitry for handwriting has been identified and the SMARTPD Program offers a way to restore smoother handwriting as well as a maintenance program to hold on to the benefits you receive. Neuroplasticity helps re-educate the brain by creating flow in handwriting and content focus along while improving motor control.

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Download a handwriting practice page you can do daily

PD handwriting practice
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