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The Brain Can Change, Let us Help

Science-Based Brain Training Technology

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Parkinson's QEEG


Detect the source of the locked-in brain patterns.

Parkinson's Neurofeedback


Neuroplasticity training  unlocks the brain in real time.

Parkinson's Symptom reduction


Take action to live well with Parkinson's today.

San Diego Residents Only

Biofeedback is a tool for measuring different aspects of your body to make subtle changes for symptom reduction. This might include relaxing certain muscles, improving heart rate, breathing, or reducing feelings of pain. By doing this, you can improve your physical, emotional, and mental health.


Unique to the SMARTPD program is the combined Balance and Brain Biofeedback for fall prevention.

Neurofeedback involves utilizing EEG to measure brain wave activity non-invasively. Scalp sensors are connected to an EEG device to learn to change brain rhythms identified to lock in Parkinson's disease. The more your brain is exercised into reaching a more comfortable, more efficient position, the better it gets at it.

Neurofeedback increases your capacity to remain independent and enjoy the highest possible quality of life.

Curious about what to expect? Listen to my recent interview with San Diego PD Association

Lisa Tataryn podcast episode
Lisa Tataryn spotify podcast episode

What's included in the program 


A QEEG provides a customized starting point to address your specific symptoms. 


A program for sleep, exercise, and nutrition as a foundation for cognitive restoration.


A  personalized biofeedback training program that is specific to your goals

and unique brain.


A maintenance program with transformative technology to help

you stay sharp.


Results may vary but the majority of people enjoyed the following benefits  

Restful Sleep
Better Memory
Mood Improvement
More Motivation
Focused and Alert
Increased Energy 
Reduced Stress
Pain Reduction

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