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Meet Lisa Tataryn

Clinical Neuroscientist, Neurofeedback Specialist

I also enjoy speaking at Movement Disorders support group meetings for Dystonia and Parkinson’s disease. As a Parkinson’s Neurofeedback advocate, I present my clinical results at organizations and conferences for medical professionals and researchers. 

I volunteer my time for the San Diego Parkinson's Association as a mentor for newly diagnosed people with Parkinson's and care partners to help them navigate the overwhelming amount of information and create a path for an excellent quality of life.

As a daughter with a parent with a Movement Disorder, I decided to pursue a career in Clinical Neuroscience to find options beyond medications and surgery. I translate research into practical applications so you can achieve the highest possible quality of life now. As an award-winning Neurofeedback specialist with 20 years of clinical experience, you can count on me to help you accelerate your return to health. I look forward to working together with you and your care team.

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