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Would You Like Help Working with

Your Parkinson's Clients?

Helping Maximize Your Impact on Client Health

Consultation Areas


Evidence based nutritional guidelines to maximize health based on the principles of Functional Medicine Health Coaching


Guidelines and tools for developing an exercise program for Parkinson's based on recent research to slow the disease progression


Research based tools proven to be valuable in managing Parkinson's symptoms including Neurofeedback protocols for personalized care

Client Cases

Individualized consulting help for Parkinson's cases to increase positive results and maximize quality of life for your patients 

Webinar Introducing

Neurofeedback for Parkinson's for Professionals

Neurofield provider
EEGer Parkinson's protocols
Biofeedback Balance training for Parkinson's
Parkinson's with Neurofield QEEG
Heartmath provider
Red light therapy for Parkinson's
Isync brain provider
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