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Help Patients Take Charge of their Health

There is no bigger need for health coaching than the Parkinson's population. Apathy, poor sleep, anxiety, and stress all contribute to poor quality of life which means frequent return visits to your office.

How Health Coaches Help



Increase Patient Engagement and Motivation

Engage patients in behavioral changes to improve overall health and reduce the amount of medical care they need
Patients build skills they need to take charge of their own health to have a lasting impact

Improve Sleep and Decrease Stress with Practical Tools


Educate on Eating to Support Brain and Gut Health

Working together to support healthy changes creating a greater quality of life

Learn More about How Health Coaching

Benefits You and Your Patients

Beth Frates MD
How a Health Coach Helps You

Elizabeth (Beth) Pegg Frates, MD

is a pioneer in lifestyle medicine education, is an award-winning teacher at Harvard, and currently works with patients to help them adopt and sustain healthy habits.

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Dr. Priscilla Pemu talks about the importance of health coaching for chronic illnesses.
Better Sleep

evidence based research

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